Agendas and dreams

Up Nice & Early today! I was sleeping happily and then I dreamed that I was babysitting someone’s little boy and he was being a pain and I slapped him in the face! I had to wake up after that because I felt so bad.

Though there is something very satisfying about hitting someone who is not doing what you want. I understand parents who hit because it is a very quick and easy way to get what you want. The problem is the long term lesson you are teaching. I have a tendency towards violent outbursts so I learned a long time ago to be very careful and learn to hold myself in check. Once I had children my inner self knew that hitting my children was a bad idea. They are beautiful little souls who deserve respect and to be treated with love. Not going anywhere with this just a disturbing dream.

Had a little mini vacation adventure day with my Daughter yesterday.We drover to Sauder Village and wandered for a couple of hours, then hit the bakery, and of course Sauder Furniture so we could wander their scratch and dent section which is far too small for any good wandering. Then we drove up (over?) to the nursing home to visit my stepfather then a quick trip to Goll Woods to feed the many bugs our blood and drive over a covered bridge (which I neglected to take a picture of). I was gone ALL DAY! Most unusual for me. I came home tan and tired. I did not take many pictures. 🙁

Katy making friends with a chicken
Giant turkeys making freaky noises are scary but have amazing feathers

Barn Swallows

Sauder Village pretty spot for a rest

Katy in front of a giant tree


Todays agenda; drink coffee. Hit treadmill. Shower, go to Doctor, Fill in the hold the dog dug in my neighbors flower bed, Study, Study, clean, Study, take dog for a walk, Study, go to dinner with he family to celebrate my nieces birthday.





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