Ah Saturday how I’ve missed you…

Very cold and snowy this morning. My Saturday morning workout got cancelled and my intent was to spend the entire day at home but I woke up this morning and thought, oooo I am going to 9am yoga! I’m glad I did, it was very nice. I haven’t been to that session in a very long time. I was having a rough morning physically, my legs are so swollen! and I hurt something on thursday, I thought I somehow pulled a quad muscle but after yoga and some nice slow stretching I think it’s my hip. At least now I know where to put the anti-inflammatory gel. It’s that same hip I had problems with last year. Maybe I’ll have to go back to the handsome orthopaedist. 🙂 Even though I am all beat-up I could still definitely tell during yoga that I am much stronger. Much. Circuit training with low weights & yoga is a lovely mix.

When I drove to yoga the roads were bad, when I drove home they were horrible! I hope everyone made it home safe and sound.

I’ve dreamt the last two nights about changing locations and having problems with getting people to do their jobs.

My health insurance is changing to a new company for the first time in 15 years. It’s through my husbands employer. He received a letter today saying this is your last chance, ready this through very carefully and if anything is wrong you must contact us by Thursday December 12 to fix it, or you’re just screwed.  (paraphrasing). Yeah, you can see what todays date is, right? Luckily I think everything is as we wanted it. At least we have health insurance.

Here you go, this is what my husband took a picture of today. It’s his last day in France. Off to Germany tomorrow.



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