Alcohol and blogging….what could go wrong?

It’s been a good couple of days. Thanksgiving was almost perfect! Small gathering, tons of laughing.

My version of Thanksgviving


I did not do any cooking. I did shopping. I bought enough sugary foods to put us all in a coma.

My husband and I went to see Hunger Games – Mockingjay Part1 on thanksgiving day. It was very good.

Friday…hmm, what did we do Friday? I don’t think we did much. A little bit of wandering, a lot of reading.

Today we drove up to Dearborn Michigan to see Interstellar at the iMax theater. We both enjoyed it a lot!

Just a cool blue bridge

Tomorrow I must do some cleaning and then I think we’re  going to try and go see the Christmas lights display at the Toledo Zoo.


Monday – uhg…that’s looming. It occurred to me today that no matter what happens on Monday, this will never be over. I will always be in sort of cancer phase. Just uhg.


2 thoughts on “Alcohol and blogging….what could go wrong?

  1. I love that bridge! That would be so cool to drive under.

    I am glad your holiday was so nice. I like low key holidays.

    Monday – I just want that day to be over.

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