All of the diseases I DON”T have

I am sitting at chemo and told the love nurse my pulmonologist saga. She called their office and found out that he is out of the country but the nurse at that office pulled up my final culture results and not one of them was positive. So, still, no one knows what it was/is in my lungs. I have a giant mass that shrunk on anti-biotics, that burns when I breathe and that is outside the realm of medical science.


She also explained to the person on the phone that it didn’t seem right that they would want me to take anti-fungals when the test results say I don’t have a fungal infection. The nurse on the phone agreed that maybe she should check on that. I don’t mind taking them if someone can tell me why they think I have a fungal infection that is untestable, I mean I really do want to clear this thing up. But I do not want to damage myself for no reason.

These chemo nurses are always so excellent! Though they did finally say something about my weightloss today. Quietly and with concern. 🙂 I just showed them my muscles.

Echocardiogram results never showed up. They are hunting those down now so I can actually get treatment. sigh. Always something. At least my blood work all came back good!





*my favorite word and used as an exclamation, not directed at a person usually


4 thoughts on “All of the diseases I DON”T have

  1. I agree with Nina! How on earth is anyone ever treated for anything in the way that they should be? I don’t know how anyone can just blindly trust any “medical professional” – it’s just so much chaos! So glad you stay on top of it all – and that you’ve retained a semblance of sanity through it all 😉

  2. I have to admit that sometimes I stop and think, “is it me?” Am I so hard to work with that I cause this chaos? I don’t think so. I hope not!

  3. You have had far more of your fair share of weird things going on and then you have too many doctors that aren’t responsive. I wonder if the doctors who aren’t responsive are that way because they can’t figure what is going on with you. Doctors hate to have to say they don’t know what is happening.

    How frustrating.

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