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Today’s goal is to post all of my random facebook statuses here instead;

Ibuprofen for breakfast. I wonder why after all of these months I am suddenly so sore every time I work out! Abs hurt, legs hurt.

Eye Doctor appointment this morning! YAY!

I managed to not watch even a minute of the super bowl.

Do you consider access to Electricity, Water & Gas to be your right as an American citizen? If so, why are they “public” companies? What about phone service?

Of course, at the eye doctor and he has made a note in my chart about the “suspicious” spots that have shown up in my left eye. I am sure it is nothing, but come on…doesn’t really shock anyone, does it? Back in six months for a recheck.

I am feeling a little mean today. I don’t know why. The muscles in my neck and jaw are tense. I think I am mean because they are tense,not vice versa.

“Sometimes when I am alone I like to cuddle”

I sometimes think it would be really nice to find a voice coach and see if I could get my ‘before rough chemo’ voice back. I miss singing in the car.

Yoga tomorrow instead of a circuit workout! Also looking forward to my groin muscles relaxing at some point! Is it really called a groin muscle? I dunno







3 thoughts on “ALL of the Facebook Posts

  1. So you need to find out why you hurt after your workouts now. I have always wondered if people who work out are always in pain and it sounds like you weren’t for awhile but now you are. You should ask your workout leaders why.

    I had ibuprofen for breakfast but it wasn’t due to working out.

    I don’t know the answer to the utilities question.

    We watched the halftime show. That was it.

    Actually no it doesn’t surprise me but I am really curious what they are.

    Pain causes me to be mean sometimes. I recently had to apologize about that.

    Don’t know what to say about the cuddling quote.

    Well, here is some advice for that groin strain

    1. I found that page too! That whole website it actually very helpful. I have been doing a lot of standing inner though stretches.
      I heard the cuddling quote on That 70’s show and it made me laugh

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