Almost everything can fit in a jar

I want to tell you about my Ball/Mason Jars.

Last week I said to my husband “please keep a lookout for a jar this size” because that is the kind of exciting conversation you have after being together 32 years.

I own one jar this size and keep finding it already full when I want to use it. The problem for me is that I could only find them in six packs and I just don’t need six of these big jars taking up my limited storage space.

That afternoon we went to Meijer and as I passed a corner display marked clearance there were two of these exact jars sitting there.





Now my other jar is a longer story.

It is a lovely little purple mason jar of the perfect size for almost everything. I owned six of them. I cannot find all six so I suspect that some have met with an untimely end. That’s okay, I loved them while I had them.

These little purple jars are special because they were a gift out of the blue (purple?) from my dear friend Mary Beth.

Currently residing in this particular purple jar are soap ends. The soap ends were purchased at a farmers market in Missoula Montana.

I love the little soap ends because I have no idea what fragrance they are until I start using them.

They are all different sizes and smells and each one will last a week or two.

So, every week or two I will be able to grab this jar and be reminded of the thoughtfulness of a friend and then I will open the jar and be met with a wonderful smell of clean soap and lovely fragrances and be reminded of my trip to Montana!

I have another big long train of thought going about the ongoing confirmation fiasco but I will sum it up and you can just flesh it out as you will.

  • I do not want a supreme court judge who reminds me in looks and mannerisms of the Manager of Cloud Nine
  • When are we going to start treating our young girls and young boys the same so they can grow up on equal footing?
  • How can we expect women to feel empowered to talk about sexual predators immediately and loudly when we still judge them based on their sexual habits? When was the last time you heard a teenage boy being told he looked like a slut?
  • We taught women for hundreds of years that they shouldn’t want sex and created an environment that never allowed them to be comfortable saying YES! I want SEX! Which then taught all of the boys and husbands that this is what “good girls” said even when they didn’t mean it.  
  • We must stop sexualizing everything. We are sending the wrong message to everyone.

5 thoughts on “Almost everything can fit in a jar

  1. I am so glad you are enjoying the jars. Soap ends. Never heard of those before. Sounds like fun. I always look at soap when I go to Cost Plus World Market.

    Really good points about the current situation. Sex can be such a fun, wonderful connection if everyone involved is respectful to their partner. I don’t think it is sacred and I think religious rules screw people up. But I think this boys will be boys mentality has to end.

    As for Kavanaugh, he lied. Any teenager knows what age they are legal to drink. He knew and he lied about being legal. So for me, if you are lying about something so basic you are most likely going to lie about the big stuff. In my mind, she doesn’t have to prove her claims. (I do believe her.) The man has shown himself to be a liar.

    1. I have to admit that when Ford first came out public I was aggravated with people who were immediately saying they believed her without having heard anything from him about it, or any corroborating statements. If we make a man guilty within minutes we are doing a big disservice to justice on all levels. But, within days it became clear that he was lying about other things which, in a court of law, means you are free to assume he is lying about other things. Stupid stupid man, which means he’ll probably be confirmed.

      1. I was one of those first believers and I will tell you why – when I was a teen girls used to tell me about their sexual assaults. It is such a hard thing to do and I find it hard to believe, especially after Anita Hill, that anyone would say kind of thing knowing what they would be put through. It just doesn’t seem likely that a women would put herself in the center of that kind of storm if it wasn’t true.

        1. Can I agree with you while,still maintaining my original position? It’s not that I ever did not believe her, I just did not form an opinion until after a day or so.

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