Amsterdam Day 1

Yesterday was a travel day and nothing else. My biggest concern was that the taxi to take us to the train station wouldn’t show up, but it did and we had a crazy ride though the city to the train station! Our Taxi driver was like one you see on TV. Making his own lanes, driving up the bike lane. Fantastic. 🙂

We took a train from Paris to Amsterdam. I loved the train. They fed us every 30 minutes and I had big cushy seats.

This explains how I feel about Amsterdam so far!


This is the bug that spent 30 minutes staring in at me from our hotel window. Our hotel is attached to a train/tram/bus/metro station and 2/3’s of the area around us is under construction. A far cry from the wonderful Paris neighborhood and apartment. I’m sure once we get out and about it will be wonderful but for know the sky is gray and overcast. Yesterday we ended up trying to get dinner from the train station (think small airport – kiosk’s and little travel stores). Uhg. 1/2 the restaurants were closed, none of the places accepted our credit card, and it was just no place for a vegetarian with severe dietary restrictions. Made me cranky.

This was the view from our room sans bug.


Well, Corey Murray is up and dressed and making antsy sounds. I guess I better get out of bed.



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