An Ode to Doctors

I know I am so lucky

to have found so many doctors who are just ducky

You try your best

you work so hard

and when I need it you are plucky**


I am not infrequently contacted by people whom I don’t know asking me questions about my cancer and my treatment. They find me through the different support groups on Facebook that I lurk around and try to occasionally lend support in.

A woman contacted me the other night and said she had previously had cervical cancer. On a standard follow-up CT the radiologist noted nodules in her lungs. Her doctor told her they would start chemo.

She was concerned because, wait for it….He WASN’T GOING TO TEST TO SEE IF THEY WERE ACTUALLY CANCER!

I have had so many conversations like this. The other one I keep running into is women who have had stage 1 cervical cancer and been told by their doctors after they were declared clear that if it comes back, it is UNTREATABLE.

So of course when it comes back they are preparing for death. Until they find a stage 4 support group and realize there are people who have had stage 4 cancer for years.

It makes me feel angry and helpless. I say as gently as I can that it is imperative that they research for themselves and get a second opinion. And I am immediately reminded of how thankful I am that my doctors are so amazing. If I called my PC and said my doctors won’t treat me, I guarantee she would be calling those doctors and fighting for me. Thankfully I have the worlds most amazing oncologist so that probably won’t ever happen.

Take care of each other today.


**I bet those of you who know me were waiting for a different word that rhymes with “uck”


4 thoughts on “An Ode to Doctors

  1. It aggravates me that I miss so many of your posts.

    It is maddening to read this. How can so many doctors be so misinformed?

    I am so glad you were/are the researching type. This world needs you! So do i!

    1. Thank you. 🙂
      The stories these women tell just make me want to scream. I am always conflicted because you want to be supportive but I also just want them to give me their doctors information so we can all blast it publicly.
      Oh…..maybe that’s where the phrase putting someone on blast comes from! I have always wondered

  2. Oh my gosh, the thing about the nodules…I would be in so much trouble because I wouldn’t even think to question it! I have so much trouble with things like this; on the one hand I feel as though almost everything I have ever been told by a doctor is suspect, but on the other hand, I find it very difficult to question what they say! I hate that!

    1. Well then lets come to an understanding right now, anytime a Doctor says something is amiss, you email me the details so I can hit google. I am so lucky because I have such a good medical team now but even with them I still have googled or I am lucky enough to have friends in the medical profession that if I just need to know if I should be nervous I can check with them.
      I understand about feeling hesitant to question your doctor though, especially if you do not have a back and forth conversation kind of relationship. You may love the doctor and think they are great but if they just come in and tell you things without you feeling like you can interact with questions or concerns it can be difficult.

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