And on we go…

For those of you who are not on my Facebook or within hearing distance of the places I have shouted, on Friday after my PET scan the doctors called me because the PET scan people were so excited they called the doctors to tell them that they were unable to find any cancer on my PET scan. It is just gone! That’s pretty impressive.


Nope - No cancer here
Nope – No cancer here

My doctors office is now trying to get me back on the clinical trial. I only had two doses of the meds and it would be much better to get some more in me, just to be sure. I think it’s also important that the study know that is worked. It needs to be in their data so hopefully this will be a standard treatment for people.

I have been looking for a new place for us to live. A an apartment, a townhouse, a mobile home. Just not here. Last week I visited a few places and was pretty disappointed. Then the other day my husband said to me maybe we should consider buying and once I started looking at Condo’s  really liked the idea. They all seem to almost perfect for us. Today I went and visited two. Neither of them suite us right now but they were so much closer than any apartment I have found. I will be meeting with my realtor this week to get the ball rolling. Pretty excited! It just seems to right.

For the last year and a half I have slept great. I went from my restless sleeping to sleeping really heavy. It was great. I also started running last year. Not much, but I was running. Zooooommmmm.

Then the chemo pretty quickly took away my running. Just couldn’t do it. I was still sleeping great though, except on the mega steroid days. Then a few weeks ago I lost my sleep! I am back to restless again. Waking up all the time. You know what? I think it coincides with when my body suddenly didn’t have that foul cancer growing in it. I think the fatigue of cancer went away and so I wasn’t so exhausted that I slept like a log! Running is really really hard now though. I don’t know why. My lungs and throat just burn when I run more than about four minutes. I am picturing the places where the cancer was as wounds now, so hopefully as they heal I will get that back.

That is all!





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  1. Congratulations on that wonderful news!! You must feel SO relieved. Now you can plan your move with confidence.

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