And the results are in!

Need more tests.

Annoying but not completely unexpected. In the last four weeks I have had my full body CT scan, am echo cardiogram, a bone scan, a colonoscopy and a 3d mammogram.

Most things looked good or at least with only known problems except for the CT and now the mammogram. The CT showed one spot that grew. It was small and the growth was small so we are doing the one thing I hate doing, waiting. I will have another CT in eight weeks to see if it’s actually growing and if we can figure out what “it” is. There are so many things going on in my lungs that everytime we see something it becomes chaos. Also received a call that my fancy mammogram needs a follow-up. Not a big shock, I have dense tissue and also the port got in the way so the view on one side was not the same as the other. Ultrasound if needed. Rather just get the ultrasound. I don’t want you guys to get bored with my standard diseases so I like to shake it up once in awhile.

Today…Run….Maybe vet for dog nail trims…. Dinner with my sister or go workout.

Let’s end with a picture


5 thoughts on “And the results are in!

  1. That little cute pup of yours…

    Not that little any more. Still cute, though.

    Keep strong.
    (Don’t surround yourself with negativity – surround yourself with tacos). 🙂

    As always – peace and love.

    1. Thank you, that puppy has taken up more time and energy than a full time job and two or three hobbies! She’s our tough girl.
      Luckily a moment of weakness or fear is replaced quickly by joy and resolve.
      Tonight is PIE night!

  2. I’m in the waiting room for a mammo as we speak. Last two times I’ve gotten called back for scar tissue where I had a biopsy years ago! This time I’m going to tell them until they HEAR me

    1. When she was doing my mammogram last week my port got caught in the edge of the machine and it hurt and I think it made her overly cautious. So frustrating. Such a waste of money too when you consider how many times people have to go back in.

  3. Oh the waiting! I would not be a patient patient I fear. Pie night sounds awesome! Love how the pups leg hangs off of the sofa. Puppies rule.

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