And the walls come tumbling down

I don’t know for sure but I my body just hit it’s limit this week. I came home from chemo yesterday and it felt like I was getting a cold. I crawled into bed and did not get out until 2pm today. It was so hard to even get up and get water, I was just totally drained. Still am,but I am up and have eaten now. Hopefully I will get a good night sleep, get up bright and early, shower and be up and going in time for a nice workout tomorrow!

When I was at chemo yesterday a little face popped over the divider between chairs and  a familiar voice spoke to me. I did not recognize her until she told me she was our ex mail lady. This beautiful young woman that the males in my family had crushes on and the only person the beagle would run to the fence to say hi to. Here she was, still beautiful with a bright pink hat but missing her hair and surrounded by warm blankets. I can’t tell you the amount of sadness it brought me.  She was diagosed stage IIII lymphoma in December. Terrible, just terrible. I want to hug her and take care of her until she is better. I gave her my contact info so hopefully she will say hey and let me know how I can keep track of her, knowing her actual name would be a good start.

The other day I was thinking how crazy it is that I haven’t been sicker. Most people with long term cancer have all sorts of stories that always involve emergency rooms and hospital stays. None for me!

So in honor of the most irish looking mail lassie I have ever met, a beagle picture.



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