another one gone

I have been reading a blog of a local person for a month or two and every time I read it I get angry. Every word seems so contrived to try and portray himself as a good guy who is really just trying to do the right thing for people, but it all seems so self serving. There have only been a couple of things that I can put my finger on but somehow even though what he is saying sounds righteous and kind it always has a ring of falseness. Today it occurred to me that I could STOP READING IT.


Life is too short to have to question other peoples motivations all the time.


2 thoughts on “another one gone

  1. What is it…I’ve done the same thing…worked myself into being pissed off and it takes so long for the intelligence to kick in and realize I’m doing this to myself..they are just a**holes!

  2. That’s me when I read the comments after certain kinds of articles. I get irked and waste energy thinking nasty things about these “idiots,” and tell myself I’m not going to read the comments anymore, but I just don’t listen to me. I’m destined to be irked, I guess!

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