Another quick week

Time goes goes by so quickly. This week I started working a few hours in The Cancer Connection offices, which I will now start doing regularly. I am hoping to find a place there that will allow me to help them do what they do.

This week marks three years since I met my oncologist. If I hadn’t switched to him I believe that I would be dead. I am not.

I have been having a particularly strong reaction to one of my meds this week so last night I did a home cocktail of numbing agents inside me which allowed me to sleep. Slept so much I  woke up two hours later than intended and am still quite mellow. Thank goodness for homemade medicine. 🌿☘️🍃🍀🌱

Clare’s husband posted on her instagram that he will be using all of the comments people posted after her death as a slide show during her funeral service. I think that is a wonderful idea.

A year ago we brought Dusty home from The Humane Society. How does time go so fast?




3 thoughts on “Another quick week

  1. Sounds like that was quite a home cocktail! Glad you got some rest!

    It has been a lot of fun watching Dusty grow up, and grow into your lives. But it HAS been a fast year!

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