#AnthemInsurance #Anthem – A letter to my insurance company.

Dear Anthem,

Regarding your letter received July 27, 2015 referencing my claim for the molecular profiling via Foundation One, I fully expected the denial of the claim however the statement in your letter about why you made that decision is disheartening.


I quote:

“Your doctor ordered this test to help choose a treatment for you. Medical studies do not show that using this type of panel of tests lead to better treatment and health”.

In my case this was a life saving measure. I have been treated with multiple approved chemotherapy drugs and my cancer was found to be resistant to these drugs. After the report was received from Foundation One it was found that my tumor tissue was HER2 / ERBB2 positive. I was entered into a clinical trial specifically for cancers that had this trait and given two rounds of this “experimental” treatment. My next PET scan shows that the active cancer is gone.

Nope - No cancer here
Nope – No cancer here

If this information had been known in 2011 before I started any treatments it would have saved you hundreds of thousands of dollars and saved me a lifetime of debilitating side effects. If I had not had this information that allowed me to be entered into the clinical trial I would die. This is not an exaggeration, this is an almost certainty. If I had not allowed this testing I WOULD DIE. If I can save even one person from going through what I have been through it is well worth the money I will be paying to Foundation One.

Now that I have shown you this information, and you have proof right before your eyes I am sure you will immediately change your policies and start encouraging doctors to do these tests first ensuring your customers, their patients, get the best care possible and in the process save some of them from death. That is what it’s all about right?

This should be a first step, not a last resort!

4 thoughts on “#AnthemInsurance #Anthem – A letter to my insurance company.

  1. ditto what tami said. I get so royally pissed for you! you handle this with much aplomb. I do hope something comes of this!

  2. Has anyone ever told you that you have very cute innards??? 😉

    Anyway, this makes me so angry. Even if they care only about the bottom line, and we know that is the case, think of the money they would have saved by doing this damn test first. It makes me insane that we have the technology to do this and they aren’t doing it and people are dying.

    Can I ask how much the test cost?

    I am so thankful that you were able to be tested and are better. You make this planet a better place.

    1. As many pictures as I post if them I guess that’s a good thing!!
      The typing portion is $5000.00. If I hadn’t also had other t hi vs done at the same time it would also be the cost of the surgery.
      Corey called anthem today and thinks he can it covered, which is nice but not the point. It should just be overriding like a biopsy to see if you have cancer to begin with.

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