Are you tired

of my blow by blow of cancer treatments, disease, testing and on and on?

Some days I am.

Went to Cincinnati for the weekend and met my newest Doctor. He seemed very nice, and most of the staff seemed very nice. I didn’t particularly like the offices. Seemed to big and too old. I’m spoiled by my luxury chemo places. We did get through the 20 some page release and consent form so that’s good to go.

Tomorrow I will have a full CT Scan, and on Wednesday morning I will have an echocardiogram (ultrasound of my heart). Then we will drive back down to Cincinnati on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning we will go back to my new doctors office and start chemo. The meds can have a bad cardiac reaction so they won’t start until I prove my heart is good. It is.  The only other seriousness is you can have a bad reaction if your body rejects the medicine. Since the meds have antibodies from other bodies it’s possible to have a reaction just like if you had a transfusion or a transplant. It’s not a show stopper, they just put you on anti-rejection meds and keep going.

I have to see the doctor before I start chemo every time I go down. They will also keep much closer track of my tumors, with CT Scans, than they did for previous chemo’s. This is all part of the clinical trial program so they have to follow very specific guidelines.

My neighbor attacked me with hugs and tears in my driveway today. She was very sweet.

Went to yoga this morning. Assuming I am not too sick from the barium and dye tomorrow I will go work out tomorrow afternoon. OH! That was the other funny part of my doctors appointment in Cincinnati. I had worked out on Tuesday and did exactly 11 too many lunges. I could not get up or down from a chair without grabbing things, or walk without a limp. It’s very important that you are healthy enough and strong enough to be put on a clinical trial! It’s part of the form they fill out, is the patient able to get around okay and unassisted!! I had to make I explained to everyone that I wasn’t feeble, just stupid.

I will be very careful if I work out tomorrow to not over due legs because if I show up in Cincinnati unable to walk again they’re not going to believe me.

I NEED a vacation, I really do.



8 thoughts on “Are you tired

  1. I really hope you get your vacation soon. And if you’re ever in my neck of the woods, please let me know.

    *encouraging hugs*

    Keep at it!

  2. I could totally see you needing a vacation. What a lot to keep up with. But it all sounds good. I wish you didn’t have to travel so far but I am glad that it was close enough that you could be in the trial.

    I feel compelled to ask you if you are getting enough potassium? I know getting the right amount is good for your heart but people with kidney problems also need to careful not to overdo it.

    I will be thinking of you over the next few days. I hope it all goes very well.

  3. It’s too bad you have to go the extreme end of the state to get the treatment! That is a very long drive. Do you go by Lancaster? You are welcome to stop at my house for a resting point, if you like. Although we are helping our Daughter move/paint/tame the yard, etc. so my place may be a mess! (Fair warning)

    I am sure once they know how vigorously you work out there would be no question of how fit you are for this!

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