Assorted Bitching and Moaning

1. I can’t remember what I opened this post to type about

2. I am frustrated with no communication from the Oncology office in Cincinnati. I don’t want to make them angry because they are currently very important to me – potentially.

3. Nope…don’t remember what was going to go here either.

4. I am eating raw spinach and romaine lettuce this week. I have to find out if I need to just work through it and let my body adjust. I don’t have a lot of plans for the week so let’s see what happens. I had a sandwich today with thinly sliced tomato, romaine, and spinach on it. I will have the same tomorrow I think. I like sandwiches. Oh – it had Mayo and cheese on it too, just so you don’t think I am any weirder than I am.

5. I had to start using shampoo. I am using up all of my gross of expensive shampoos and when they are gone I will switch to something as natural as possible. From a distance I still look bald but when I wake up I have hair, short as it is, sticking up all over the place.



9 thoughts on “Assorted Bitching and Moaning

  1. What is this office supposed to be doing for you? I understand wanting to not irritate them but I think if you haven’t heard from them and they are supposed to be doing something important, I would call in case you have somehow slipped through the cracks. I think as long as you are nice when you call it shouldn’t piss them off. You could do one of these numbers I was away and I was afraid that I missed your call sort of things.

    Good luck with the veggies. I hope your body adjusts and that you can eat that without any consequences.

    How nice that your hair is coming back so well. I’ll be interested to hear what you end up using.

    1. This is the office that I want to accept me into their clinical trial. I called Monday and I will call again today. I think it’s possible that they are talking to my Dr’s office but since he is out of town I wouldn’t know about it until next week. Pain in the ass!
      So far so good on the veggies. I just made myself another sandwich for breakfast. So tasty. 🙂

  2. I thought there was nothing better than spinach? I hope your gut can take the rawness. I stopped at hy vee to get fruit on my way home from a haircut…splurged on my first sandwich in a month and then stuffed myself with pineapple and cantelope…

  3. I found a book with all natural shampoo recipes. Pretty cool. My cousin in Buffalo has a soap company, and makes shampoo too. Maybe I can get some samples. ☺ How’s it going with the raw veggies?

    1. Does your cousin have a website? I have decided I really don’t want to make my own. I will if I have to, bit I don’t want too.
      Two days of spinach and romaine, so far so good. 🙂

      1. She’s on facebook Buckdancer Soap Company.
        If you message her, she’ll let you know what she has and how to get it, and exactly what’s in everything she makes that you’re interested in. I can message her for you too if you’d rather. Just let me know.

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