Baby Goat Speak

The other day my daughter snapped at me. It was nothing, we were both just tired and didn’t feel well and we had a miscommunication. No biggie, and she was big enough to apologize. But today I was thinking that it is the first time anything like that has really happened since she was about 17. We have an excellent relationship and I am so very grateful.

I believe that children, in general, speak to their parents the way their parents speak to them. I also believe this starts at an early age. There are exceptions to this of course, but I think it is one of those traits that passes generationally. We’ve all seen those families that sit quietly and politely at the dinner table, and equally the ones that are loud and boisterous. It is a learned behavior. I think it is even more evident when you watch how children speak to their parents. If you listen carefully to how the parents speak to them, you see the pattern.

That is all, just something I was thinking about.




6 thoughts on “Baby Goat Speak

  1. I think that is very true. I just cringe sometimes when I hear parents speak crudely and rudely to their children; you know that will soon be reflected!

    My daughter and I have had only one kind of bad disagreement since she has been an adult, and we were both so miserable that I think we are extra careful not to let things get to that point.

    I was always nervous at the way people spoke about the dreaded teenage years, but thankfully that was never a problem. I always tried to explain the “why” behind the things we did, so she seemed to respond well to that.

    Having said that, though, I think sometimes it is individual personalities at play, so sometimes it is nothing specific the parent has done, unless it is just that they never found the way they needed to reach the child. That could be a very tough job!

    I just think we got lucky!

    1. I think having a wonderful relationship with your children is just amazing and wonderful. I don’t know what I would do if my daughter and I were not speaking. Oh wait, yes I do. Big bottle of vodka until we worked it out.