Bad Commerce

When I was getting ready to pack up my house I decided to make some money by selling things online. I tried the app – Letgo, and I also used Facebook local garage sale groups. It was TERRIBLE!  I spent so much time dealing with people who couldn’t even be bothered to read the three sentence listing and would ask questions over and over again that were answered. At least 90% of the people who said “I want that” would cancel at the last second or just not show up and then say it was an emergency and want to reschedule. I think I sold just a couple of things out of like 20 before I just got so fed up I closed all the sales.

Well – I decided to try it again with my abundance of FitBits. SAME STORY!  It has been so ridiculous! It’s just not that hard! Don’t say you want it unless you actually want it. Don’t cancel at the last minute, and don’t be rude. I had one person that I was having a conversation with and I stopped talking for about an hour because something came up – when I got back online I apologized for walking away from my phone. She was rude in return. NOT because I had stopped talking, but BECAUSE I HAD APOLOGIZED UNNECESSARILY  for being rude. What is wrong with people????


Trying again today. I swear if my 11:30 person stands me up I am just going to explode.


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