Beauty & the Feast

I was thinking about beauty the other day. I was feeling pretty good about myself and out for a walk at lunchtime. I had music going in my ears and I was walking with a nice bounce to my step. It was a beautiful day and as people passed me on the street quite a few of them looked over and smiled or acknowledged me. All was right with the world, I felt good, I looked good. I think it’s amazing how different the reactions are when you feel good about yourself vs when you don’t.

I stepped on the scale this morning and hopped off as it started to settle on a number I did not want to see! I have gained six pounds in the last couple of weeks. Six pounds is almost 5% of me. I immediately felt unattractive and fluffy. Self perception and self confidence are really so much of how we present ourselves to others. Even though I had a wonderful time gaining those few pounds, and got a lot accomplished that was really hard work, it still dropped my confidence. What a shame.


My six pounds were due to a lovely vacation and then a flu, and then a week of just being too worn out to move everything out of my way and do a morning workout. After a certain age, eating decently and doing three hours of a really hard workout is just not going to keep you from gaining weight. Especially if you have no working thyroid, and take one med that slows down your metabolism, and one med that lists weight gain as one of it’s major side effects. So, back to tracking food, and ramping things back up for awhile. How boring. 🙂


More phone cleaning.
These are all pictures from our last day in Amsterdam at the Hotel connected to the Airport. Most of them either went on Facebook with a funny caption, or were meant to and I forgot.





Corey in a beer Frame

I was drinking Schweppes.

This was at the Burger King. I liked that they had Fair Trade coffee.


Perspective!  There was a giant room filled with Giant Balls! I don’t know why. These balls are all between 2 and 4 feet around. they look like marbles on a table in this shot.


I was fascinated by them.

Our little exclusive snack/dinner/breakfast room at the fancy hotel.

View from our room..
WP_004206 WP_004205

I really have no idea what this is, or was meant to be .


WP_004204 WP_004203

Our little exclusive snack/dinner/breakfast room at the fancy hotel.


Notice my cappuccino overflowing?


Our little exclusive snack/dinner/breakfast room at the fancy hotel.

Our little exclusive snack/dinner/breakfast room at the fancy hotel.

They had the best vending machines!!


And a glass elevator.




3 thoughts on “Beauty & the Feast

  1. Cool hotel! I love it when places have those fancy coffee machines that I can use. How much was the Coke from the vending machine? In Hawaii, I was paying two bucks for a 12 oz. can, which means, I didn’t drink much Coke there!

    1. I don’t really drink soda so I didn’t buy any but from the picture it looks like the bottle of coke was 3.50 Euro’s. So, about $6.00. The room we had came with full access to a fridge stocked with drinks and snacks, we figured with the exchange rate just that alone made up for the additional cost of the room. Amsterdam was not cheap.

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