Because Celebrity Basketball is just not that exciting

We went to the Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus Ohio last weekend.  It was a lovely way to warm up and remember that there will in fact be spring and green plants again.

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I’ve been stuck on ghost themes in my non-writing hobby in my head. I was wondering how people would change if there was proof of what happens after death. So I’m working on the line that after someone dies they simply switch from this existence to a different existence in the same place, but in some kind of different cosmic dimension. I think they’ll be able to be whatever age they choose to be and can go wherever they want to go in their own timeline and future. So if you die you fairly quickly turn into a new you at the age you choose and you can wander around the world, and around time. You can go back to your life when you were 12 and watch your previous life or you can move to a week after your funeral and watch how your family reacts. In my current incantation I’m thinking there is some sort of event. Sun Storm or Meteor knocks something loose on the moon which shifts our planet and tides and then whammo! All of a sudden people in this existence can see the people that have died. I don’t think they’ll be able to interact, just see them and know that they’re there and that the dearly departed can now go back and see everything from their past. A mom after she dies suddenly can go back and see that her kid took the car one night and went out and got drunk and lied to her. A dead wife can go back and see that her husband was having an affair the week before she died in a car accident.

So the question I’m working on is, what would change for the people who are still alive. Maybe not the first generation so much but the next generation that grows up knowing that this is the way life and the afterlife work. Would you as a living person do all of the same things if you knew that people would know what you did, after they died, and at some point you have to die and interact with those that have gone before you. Would a selfish cruel man beat his wife if he knew that his mother and father were able to see into their sons private life? Would someone with an eating disorder wake up in the middle of the night and eat a box of Kraft Mac & Cheese if they knew that people were watching them do it?

What about people who sneak looking at porn online, Grandma’s watching you!

Hey – Great check up at the oncologist today! Assuming all tests come back good, done for another six months.

Happy Valentines day.


3 thoughts on “Because Celebrity Basketball is just not that exciting

  1. Great news about the checkup!

    Do you read my mind??? I sort of believe or at least think it is possible that spirits can see what we are doing. I am hoping that they are not interested because, omg, if they are watching me. And really this does cross my mind, especially during the more personal moments of life. Hahaha! Does it change my behavior? No.

    I love your mind! If we lived closer, we would have get togethers where we discuss this stuff. That would be so much fun.

  2. A little too deep for me but I have had passing thoughts on some of it, I think we all do. Congrats on your tests, if it goes accordingly.

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