Bed blogging!

i have had so many things to talk about but I feel like I have been over sharing so I didn’t. Now I can’t remember so instead I will just grab the random photos I saved and clear those from my tangled mind.



I am so hooked on this tea! With a dose of stevia and cashew milk it tastes a lot like the k-cups  chai latte. Most spiced teas have too much spice for me but this is milder, and just enough kick to warm me up when I am cold. I am sure I will never find this again at any grocery store I got to.



Also very fond of these! Vegetarian jerky is a thing of joy when done well. Nice chewy salty snack that is close To healthy.



So much FRANK



I had my monthly women’s networking lunch on Thursday. I don’t know if it was because I felt bad after radiation, or because of my headache but as I watched all these beautiful plates of croissant sandwiches and soup be delivered and then they plopped this cold plate of watery heavy messy pasta down in front of my sister and I as the vegetarian dish I really was angry,

. Not just annoyed, but angry. I expect better from people that have three week notice that they need to feed vegetarians and claim to have “chefs”.



Yes, this is my soft squishy belly. This is immediately after radiation. I wanted to show you the plate indentation. Doesn’t it look like daisies?




3 thoughts on “Bed blogging!

  1. I would never worry about “oversharing” – it’s your blog! If people don’t want to read it let them move on, but you should say as much as you would like.

    Neat picture of Frank!

    I think sometimes people are completely flummoxed when they hear “vegetarian”, but I would certainly expect better from a chef. Of course, the soup and sandwiches they were serving don’t sound all that cheflike to me. Wonder if it was all made ahead and then the soup just heated up at the last minute. Sorry it was so disappointing.

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