Best not to stop – just keep walking

I am afraid I have hit the point of just fed up. I am going downhill again. My lungs ar tight and ccassionally wheezy and sometimes it hurts when I cough. I can’t believe I am saying this, but I am looking forward to next tuesday when they pop a camera in there so hopefully I will be able to find out definitively what is going on.

I had my CT scan yesterday and of course grabbed a copy, however I am having trouble making sense of this one. I don’t know wwhy but it just isn’t as clear as previous ones. To me it looks like all of the stuff in my lungs is much bigger, but it looks less dense, more whispy. Now it looks like the part that we will assume is infection is wrapping down around the ablated/maybe active tumor. I dunno. I think I just need to go to school and learn how to read them properly.

I had lumch with Michelle – yoga teaching, personal trainer, counselor, and Becca – new mommy, ex-workout partner, child rescuer and that was lovely. We have lunch about every four months and I spend at least 75% of the time laughing.  That made me feel ever so much better. Then one of my heroes – Ken Leslie – founder of and came in and gave me a hug and rubbed my head. He is an excellent hugger. Talk about being surrounded by altruistic vibe.

To finish off the evening I worked out and I was SO LAME! I am quickly losing my  endurance again. STUPID PROBABLY AN INFECTION! My workout partner was Mike and he is really really strong. I felt a little bad because we had stations that involved both of us working together. That doesn’t happen often and I was not a very good balance with him. Luckily he is also a very nice guy and did not seem to resent having to back off a little bit. He is a good guy.

I did an hours worth of all hip yoga on Tuesday night, my first time with my neighbor as yoga teacher. My hips feel so much more open! I with I had the self discipline to do it at home.

I want to go the art museum during the day soon. I wonder if my daughter would like to go with me. Maybe week after next.

I think it is a two cup of coffee kind of day.




3 thoughts on “Best not to stop – just keep walking

  1. If anyone is entitled to being fed up, it is you. I am sorry it has gotten so bad that you are in this place. I hope that you will start to feel better so that you can feel better.

    I feel really bad about the camera procedure. I felt so bad when you first mentioned it but I didn’t want to say that because I didn’t want to bring you down. I hate that it is so bad that you are actually looking forward to the procedure but I sure hope it gives you some good information.

    Laughing lunch – how wonderful! This type of get together is so important. Friends that make you laugh are worth their weight in gold. And as for Ken Leslie, may all that is good come to him for helping veterans. So many charities are scams. It is nice to know that there are good guys doing good things.

    I read that as hip hop yoga. I know you had that discussion with your niece. Funny how the mind works.

    I love the shadows. We were at a conservatory and they had this really cool water/shadow piece. There were glass disks with metal bands around the perimeter of the glass. These disks which were 18 to 24 inches across, were hung from a high ceiling. Above the disk was a hose that would let a drip of water out every couple of minutes or so. The drip would hit the disk and the light from about would create a circular shadow on the concrete flour. It was so cool. I bet you would have enjoyed seeing that.

    I hope your afternoon is going well.

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