big mouth

There are a couple of situations that I have taught myself to go out of my comfort zone when I am in them. One if them is when I am told by someone that they don’t like, don’t trust or are uncomfortable with their oncologist. It’s a situation that I am familiar with and that I truly believe would have killed me if i hadn’t changed.
When I find someone in that situation I will stop and force them to listen to my story, and then I will give them my contact information and strongly encourage them to consider changing doctors.
I did it to someone I barely know last month and she stopped me yesterday to tell me that she not only changed doctors, she changed to my doctor (That part I had heard from someone else) and he had found additional cancer that her previous doctors had not seen on her scans. I had not heard that! I will most likely see her next time I am at chemo because she is currently in treatment at the same place.
I cannot tell you how happy that made me. I really can’t describe it.


1 thought on “big mouth

  1. There are good doctors and then there are ones who just, for whatever reason, suck. I am so glad you step out of your comfort zone to get people to listen.

    So while I was driving around yesterday, I heard the son of a bitch song. It made me laugh and smile and think of you.

    I hope you have a good day today. I love the way your new floor looks!

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