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Buti Yoga – ButI  yoga is terrible when I am doing it. Really, I do not like it at all. It makes me feel gangly and gross and uncoordinated.  I did an hour last night and at one point, hot stinging sweat pooled in my eyeball. All of this is the exact opposite of the reason I like yoga. Yet, for some reason,  the next day I feel powerful.  Every joint is cracking and popping,  especially the joints I have problems with. This tells me I am moving those joints.  So as soon as I wake up I think about he session I had and I smile and think about the next one. It also makes me want to seek out Hatha yoga. 

My lungs feel raw and my voice is a little bass today, ah January in Toledo.

Almost sixty degrees today! We will be in a park with a dog at some point.

I think I will buy a new bed. We don’t have an actual bed, not in 24 years. We just have a frame.

I hope you enjoy your life as much as I do mine


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