Blogging About Blogging

I read blogs. I occasionally go wandering WordPress in search of interesting blogs. For me it’s gotta be about the writing. I need people who write well, and and on something that interests me. Occasionally I will add someone to my reader list because they post beautiful pictures. Everyone needs a little beauty in their lives.

So, when I have some time I will pop open my wordpress and scan for updates by these people. There is quite a range. I have a few artists, I have a few people who are carry-overs from Xanga. I have people who mostly just post recipes. I have a couple of tech people. I have a couple of trans-gender people.

My reading list used to be more homogeneous. Now, there doesn’t seem to be a common thread. What I have noticed is that I am less concerned with building relationships with new people than I used to be. With Xanga it was about community. Now I read for information, or for entertainment.

Just passing thoughts.




2 thoughts on “Blogging About Blogging

  1. I feel like I dont have time,:or I haven’t taken time is more like it. I started blogging again but haven’t been back for a few days and its still private to my old xanga peeps, and kind of a journal. Someday I hope I won’t be. Private that is. Working on that.
    my plan for break is to read, catch up, maybe establish new routines. I’m sad I haven’t opened my kindle in ages.

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