Bon Jour!

Day 1 – Journey to Paris

The excitement started the morning of the day we got on the plane. I checked my email in the morning and found a message from our Paris Hotel that our reservation had been cancelled. We have had this reservation since January. There was then a frantic search for a new place to stay in Paris that we had to find within a few hours so we could leave to get on the plane. So far this has definitely worked out for the best! We have a quite large, by Paris standards, apartment! It’s an amazing fourth floor apartment up a crazy spiral staircase with floor to ceiling balcony doors in the living room and bedroom.

The flight here was uneventful and by random draw we got the only non-English speaking taxi driver who had the driving skill of  Jeff Gordon. He got us to our lovely apartment in record time through wall to wall traffic. We spent the day just doing little explorations of our amazing neighborhood and trying to stay awake. After we had been up for about 40 hours we finally went to bed and SLEPT! Today will be dedicated to exploring the Louvre and learning the  metro system.

A few pictures to show you what I see.


Our lovely staircase. By the time we hit floor three our legs are very tired!


Lovely little buildings built onto other lovely buildings.


Every street in our neighborhood filled with restaurants, and shops and patisserie’s and flowers living below apartments.

Looking right from our apartment. All of the people look as you expect. Beautiful women all wearing five inch black pumps or ballet flats. Older women all decorated in scarves and carrying rolling bags. Motorcycles, scooters and tiny little cars rushing back and forth on the streets and sidewalks.


A back street in our neighborhood.


2 thoughts on “Bon Jour!

  1. Whoa! I bet you are going to have amazing fitbit stats!

    I am so glad the hotel thing worked out for you. I cannot believe that first hotel didn’t at least try to contact you first before canceling your reservation – how rude!

    It all seems so quaint and wonderful! Thank you and your hubby for taking the time for posting pictures! I feel as if I am there with you.

    Have a wonderful trip dear friend!

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