Breaking up is hard to do

Do you ever try to break a habit? It is something I try to do every few months, either start a new habit or break an old one. I think of it like learning, which is good exercise for your brain.

Right now I am trying to train myself to only turn on one light in my bathroom. I know it seems like a silly thing. When I walk into a dark bathroom, or any dark room for that matter, I flip on all switches on the panel next to the door. My bathroom has two lights and a fan. Three switches. Not turning on the fan is easy because my hand does not cover that third switch when I reach over. But dang it is turning out more difficult than I expected to learn not to turn on the shower light!

In other news we officially have snakes in our backyard!

I will let you guess which kind we have, here is a list of all potentials.





4 thoughts on “Breaking up is hard to do

  1. If you have snakes, you have an ample supply of what they like to eat. I saw one snake when we first moved here and have not seen one since.

    When I travel through my house at night I turn on as few lights as possible. One night after turning my computer off, I started to walk to the hall to go to bed. I was somewhere in the middle of the room and could not see anything or find a piece of furniture to help me get my bearings and had a moment of panic. Ha ha so funny. I finally found something and was able to reorient myself. As for the bathroom, I would like to get a motion detector night light so I don’t have to turn on the big, bright light.

    Funny you should post about goals and habits, I was thinking about this and having been thinking about doing that again. Haven’t decided what though.

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