Brushing your teeth VS Eating Nachos


I love a big old plate of Nachos. Even better if those nachos are made from Nacho Cheese Doritos. A big plate of Doritos covered in steaming hot refried beans. Then a gorgeous layer of cheesy goodness. Add some mild chunky salsa, and finish it with a huge scoop of ice cold sour cream and a matching mound of fresh chunky guacamole! I could eat that every single day.

I hate having to brush my teeth. I have one of those sonic tooth brushes with a timer, so I pop on my high fluoride toothpaste and then spend two minutes vibrating the hell out of my head. It makes my nose run, it makes me a little dizzy and then everything tastes funny for the next hour.

I do not eat a big old plate of nachos for every meal because it would kill me. It would make me fat, it would make me sluggish. It would fill my arteries with clogging killing cholesterol and I would shave years off of my life. Since I have cancer it would also give my immune system a huge hit. My blood would not be as oxygen rich as it needs to be to fight the cancer cells, and my scar tissue filled lungs would not get as much air as I needed to survive.

I do brush my teeth because I want them to be strong and not filled with cavities. I am prone to infection and abscesses so I am extra careful to stay as clean and not filled with plaque as possible. I am not fond of pain.

Now tell me the difference between brushing your teeth and making sure you get fresh, filled with goodness food into your body every day. You don’t like vegetables? I don’t care. Grab a broccoli floret and pop it in your mouth every time you walk by the refrigerator. Keep a bowl of fun little bite size tomatoes in your kitchen and snack on them occasionally.

Keep frozen corn, peas, beans in your freezer all the time and add them in small doses to every single hot dish you make. At least one of them will suit the dish I promise. You tell me you don’t like vegetables, I tell you it is time to grow up and be a responsible adult. You make the choices in your life. You are responsible for you health.


2 thoughts on “Brushing your teeth VS Eating Nachos

  1. Michelle has added carrots and spinach in places they don’t seem like they’d belong, but it always turns out great.

    Scrambled eggs in particular seemed like it wouldn’t fit carrots, but once they’re softened they add an interesting sweetness.

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