If I were a Buddhist – Part 2 – Sleeping with the Fishies

One Fish, Two Fish. Red Fish, Blue Fish.

I wonder if Dr Seuss was a Buddhist? He certainly espoused the ideals in his writing.

Anyone who has done more than a couple yoga sessions with a Yogi has heard of Prana and Prana breath. Very relaxing unless you have a runny nose. I did a little session of Prana breathing before I started typing this. Calms the mind.

I like the concept of the fish also symbolizing freedom. The freedom of the water, swimming where they need and or want to. 

Sansara is an interesting word to define. At it’s base it is “the endless cycle of birth, death and rebirth”. So Abundance in the  Ocean of Sansara is really an abundance of the life cycle. I feel like I have had an abundance. If I believed in reincarnation I would think I have already had many lives. So many ups and downs, and trials tribulations and joyful moments. Or maybe that is just this life.

I think sending this particular flag waving into the wind to send it’s meaning off to the rest of the world would help people find peace.**   If you feel like you have all of the freedom in your life I think you will be content. Freedom means you have the ability and circumstances to make choices. When you have no choices, no options, you feel trapped and desperate or defeated. 

Personally speaking, when people impose their will on me, it makes me feel like a cornered animal, or a small child. Even the smallest thing can make me feel this way. If you do something that I have no choice in or try to make me do something, anything, it puts me into some sort of fight or flight mode and causes resentment inside of me. This causes me many problems.  I wish I knew how to release this behavior.


**initially typed as Peach, which is also nice. I like the flavor of peach but not actual raw peaches

Life’s a Peach

1 thought on “If I were a Buddhist – Part 2 – Sleeping with the Fishies

  1. I like this. The flag idea is a nice one. I feel exactly the same way when told I “have” to do something. Or “can’t” do something. I wonder if some people are better about that..
    Raw peaches are my favorite.

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