If I were a Buddhist – Part 4 – Unlike Eyeore I have Sunshine that follows me

What? Why are we talking about Buddhist symbols?

If I were a Buddhist……

Delightful* Lotus

“The lotus symbolizes purity and renunciation. Although the lotus has its roots in the mud at the bottom of a pond, its flower lies immaculate above the water. “

This is another one that I can identify with. I often picture my moods and feelings as layers of being. Sometimes I have to stop and rise above the negativity that I am finding in myself. 

I also regularly picture myself as having radiant yellow coming from my center and pushing out to people.

It’s my way of trying to bring warmth and positivity.

Now you know one of my weirdnesses.

*I relish any opportunity I can get to use the word delightful. It’s such an expressive word.

As I type these posts exploring the concepts taught by simple colorful flags blowing in the breeze I sit at my dining room table and look out into my backyard.

From here I can see my flags. Today I looked up and there was a big fat Robin sitting on the fence watching me type.

Just a Robin watching me, watching him.

IRL the Robin’s chest is so vivid! I was pretty excited he stayed long enough for me to grab my cell phone even if the picture lacks some detail.



3 thoughts on “If I were a Buddhist – Part 4 – Unlike Eyeore I have Sunshine that follows me

  1. I am enjoying the posts about your flags. I really identified with your description about visualizing reaching out to people – I have done the same, only visualizing a warm white light. So it’s comforting to know that other people have similar thoughts, right? I am excited about the robins being back. It always feels a little special to me when my yard is chosen for a bird nest or three. Excepte I always forget what that means for my poor car that sits outside without the protection of a garage.

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