If I were a Buddhist – Part 5 – I’d like to teach the World to Sing

The Post That started it all

In the last week a conversation about Andrea Bocelli has come up twice.

I think for me this represents an awakening. The moment when your mind opens and you suddenly understand. Understand people, understand your purpose.

Did you know Empathy & Compassion use different parts of the brain?

How much better would it be if everyone were able to step back from shouting their opinions and beliefs and instead listen, and hear what other people thought and believed. 

The right-turning white conch shell represents the beautiful, deep, melodious, interpenetrating and pervasive sound of the dharma, which awakens disciples from the deep slumber of ignorance and urges them to accomplish their own welfare and the welfare of others.


When I read the initial description of the White Conch I was thrown back to the memory of the first time I heard Sogno. I was walking through Barnes and Noble and suddenly found myself standing still facing the ceiling just listening. 

I don’t think I can explain the feeling. My chest felt like it was opening to the music. Like something was flowing out of me to the sound. I still react that way. 

If only it were that easy.


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