Cameras in my lungs and cloud bread

Well the broncoscopy was not as much fun as I could have hoped.  Hospital was fine, they hooked up the IV and such and wheeled me into the endoscopy procedure room and the nurse said something about starting the meds, and I said something about knocking me out and the doctor said “you don’t want to be awake for it?”” and that’s the last thing I remember!

I woke up in the recovery room and never saw the doctor. Corey saw the doctor but said the only thing the doctor said was “he didn’t see anything and that all the different labs will come in at different times”. Which is unhelpful. I know he saw some things! I got a copy of some still photo’s but I don’t know what I am looking at. I have an oncologist appointment today and expect I will find out more info. When I saw the Dr before the procedure I did ask about the blood test and he did tell me that I tested positive for the Aspergillius  antibodies. This means I have either dealt with it in the past or I have a fungal infection now. We will find out as those labs trickle in.

Went home, Felt a little off from the sedatives so I crashed for two hours, hard.. Got up, ran to pick up my new glasses – they are crooked which makes reading difficult, need to go back – ran to Walgreens to pick up a prescription for high dose anti-inflammatories  which I will be on for 21 days for a different doctor who says my TMJ is very bad. By the time we were leaving Walgreens I was feeling very bad.  Came home, back to bed. Achy, and freezing – after laying listlessly for two hours popped a thermometer in my mouth – 101.01. UHG!!!! Also hurt very bad to breath.

It’s down to almost normal this morning – woke up at 2am in a sweat so  – Still hurts to breath deep, and of all things my left knee is now swollen and very painful. WTF???? Good thing I am on the NSAIDS now! OH – and when I picked up the script – one pill – twice a day – 21 days – they gave me 30 and it’s listed as a partial refill. Again I say – WTF? So I take it for two weeks then go back and get another weeks supply.

After Doctor this morning I will be going to the museum with my daughter for a nice relaxing afternoon. I think I will have to skip working out again tonight. My lungs are just too sore. I don’t want to aggravate it.

Cloud Bread – Well it came out just like the recipe so  – that’s cool! Egg white beating has never been my strength. After sitting overnight I tried one in the toaster – the smell was absolutely disgusting!!! Of course it smells like one of the few things I just can’t stand – burnt egg. Corey tried one out of the fridge with jam and it was okay. I had to throw them out because then the bag got closed and there was moisture and it was bad. Corey asked me to make another batch to try as a pizza base so I will do that this week.

Okay – we are all caught up!


2 thoughts on “Cameras in my lungs and cloud bread

  1. I read up on the fungus. Symptoms seem right on target. Interesting!!! Leave it to yountomget something totally unusual! Been thinking about you a lot. Hope that helps! Btw. I want to see more Frankie vs water dripping. Hahahaha. Cats are awesome!

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