Canary Talk continues

Last night we had four eggs in the nest!

Four Babies in Waiting
Sweet Little Canary Eggs

I have come up with a couple of solutions for my wanting to be able to see the babies hatch, but neither is good.

Streaming is just too resource intensive for my little extra computer. I downloaded a program called YAWCam which I will test with streaming tonight, but I doubt that will be an option. It does however have a motion capture setting. I can set it up to take a picture every time it detects motion. I won’t get the same beautiful effect but maybe I will get some fun pictures! I will try that tonight too. I’ve been playing with it here at work to figure out the settings. It also has the option of compiling all of the images it takes into a little movie.

The other option I came up with is setting my webcam up on a new Skype account and setting the Skype account to automatically answer all calls with Video. This is a good option for quick little peeks but it will not allow for more than one person, or recording.


Technology is a fascinating thing. If you had all the time and unlimited resources you can do amazing things.



8 thoughts on “Canary Talk continues

  1. Oh, very cool! It will be interesting to see what happens – with the eggs and the video/photo project.

    The eggs look speckled but what color are they?

    1. I’ve got the pictures from the birdies uploading to my skydrive. Tomorrow I will make it a public folder in case anyone wants to peer in. Not the best quality but we should see if their are hatchlings.

    1. Nina, I can’t even tell you how much I miss that! It was so much easier. I hate all this tweaking and conniving and retweaking to get things to work. Or I just need someone to stay at my house 24/7 and do whatever I tell them to do when I tell them to do it!

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