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As so often happens in life the other day I posted about how much my five high dose radiation treatments cost ($38K) and now today I have been researching financial impacts of cancer in peoples lives for a different reasons. The articles I have read just make me sick.

This article is long and detailed but it makes up for it in  nauseating’ness.


Despite how I sound I do not begrudge a business a profit. If they don’t make a profit there is no reason for them to continue in business, and this particular business is drugs and the healthcare of all of us. We need them to want to do it, unless of course we have another solution. I think we all know that as long as our political system allows the very wealthy to buy their way into our politicians there will not be another solution.

"I wonder how many stakeholders in Drug Companies also profit from a Health Insurance Company?"
John Doe
Cancer Patient

The phrase I learned today was Financial Toxicity. This is the name they give to a cancer patient dealing with the stress and worries of all the financial issues they will face.

People are actually physically sicker because of the amount of stress they feel dealing with finances. People die earlier because of it.  People get divorces so that they can change their income bracket so they can get more financial assistance.

People with mediocre insurance have far more problems because they will have to pay more out of pocket, co-pays and deductibles.


For me personally the worry is real. I quit my job when my cancer came back and I was far to weak and sick to work. Our income was cut in half. We have enough money now, I am lucky, my husband has a nice job, but I worry about the future all the time. What happens if I lose my insurance? What happens if my husband loses his job? 

When I was doing research today I ran across many ads for Financial planning services that are now making planning for Cancer as part of their pitch.



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  1. This is the number one thing that bothers me about this country. I can’ not imagine fighting for your life while having to figure this out.How people who don’t have a support system even navigate through it? I’ve said it before, we should not be a country where the answer is Go Fund Me. That is not the answer. and there are so many now, I’m afraid ppl become sort of immune to it.
    A few years ago we took out a couple of extra disability policies. They had a cancer policy they were really pushing. It made me sick then…still does and it just gets worse.

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