Cap’n Obvious

I just realized that I might have a cold. The reason that’s weird is that I think I have been sick for the last couple of days and didn’t notice. There are so many weird side effects from long term chemo that I just assume that everything I feel each day is a chemo side effect. It didn’t occur to me until this morning that I might actually have a bug. My immunities seem to be very low the last month or so and I am catching everything.

I am having a very uncomfortable skin reaction to one of my meds. It’s not an abnormal thing according to all the support group forums, but once again all the chemo nurses and NP’s said, oh…I’ve never heard of that. My arms itch. They started itching about four weeks ago and it’s just gotten steadily worse. I thought it was part of the neuropathy that I have in my hands and feet (one toe almost completely numb now) but it’s not. So they started itching and then the itch started getting worse. It feels like my arms have rubbed up against fiberglass and now whenever anything touches them it’s rubbing against all the fibers. It’s stingy and itchy, and now it’s turning into visible hives. Someone who also has the side effect described it as looking like a meth addict, and I have to say  I am about two scabs away from that right now. Having clothing rub against my arms is a challenge. I am currently trying Frankincense and coconut oil. I don’t know if it helps with the itch but it seems to be healing the sores faster. The redness goes away really quickly (Thanks Nina!).

The other aggravating side effect of the chemo meds is cold like symptoms. Which explains why I didn’t notice I was actually getting sick. My lungs are getting quite congested the last couple of days and today I am a little headachy and achy so yay, at least I know my lung congestion is probably from that and not from anything more dire. 🙂

My daughter is also healing quickly and that makes me happy.  She’s a tough little bird. She has always reminded me of a little bird. I am surprised I didn’t saddle her with a pet name that matched. She’s like a little sparrow.

Having a party Saturday. Just a little get together to bring people into our circle. We don’t invite people into our home. Ever. So this is it. Haven’t even decorated the condo yet, don’t care. I just want to feel the energy of having people I like in my space.  I will fill everyone with crackers & cheese and wine and bask. I hope. I don’t know if it will be six people or 26 people. I hope the weather is nice. It’s a small condo!

Okay – Time to get up and AT EM!


7 thoughts on “Cap’n Obvious


    I’m using essential oils for a lot of things now. My skeptic side fights me all of the time but several inconveniences in my life has been assisted or healed with essential oils.

    I read Katy’s blog story about her nearly dead experience. Your little sparrow on steroids. She is strong and saved her own life and is a very good writer.

    See you soon ❤️??????????

  2. I’ll bring lavender with me. If you see anything else on that site you might want to try, let me know. Mi have a lot of essential oils now. You can try them for a couple of days to see if there is any relief

  3. Oof, I already think I’m getting a cold when I fall asleep wrong. I can’t imagine that being the baseline.

    Normally this is where I’d recommend some remedy that I had luck with in the past, but all I’ve got for itching is hydrocortisone cream.

  4. Is there anything you can do to help your immune system? It is the time of year for all the bugs to come out and start attacking.

    I am sorry about the itchy arms. Could you be allergic to something? And if you were would benedryl work?

    I am glad Katy is doing better.

    I hope the party is full of happy, warm moments.

  5. Benadryl does help. I have been taking it the last couple of weeks. I just bought some generic claritan today as that is supposed to help more. We will see!

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