Cashews! Gesundheit!

Something so small yet so oddly controversial when it comes to diet.

This study made it pretty clear that eating nuts is a good thing! Aside from their apparent cancer reducing magic they are just little power houses of goodness.

Cashews are also one of the nuts that might actually be more nutritious when roasted.

People are afraid of the calories and fat avoid nuts but if you are eating a really healthy good for your body diet with none of the stuff that isn’t, then please don’t worry about it. Eat for health.


3 thoughts on “Cashews! Gesundheit!

  1. Thank you!! I love cashews. They’re really the only kind of nut I really like, but have been under the impression they’re not the healthiest ones. I feel like crossing my arms and doing the “so there!” nod. ( I did lose one of those crowns eating one though. lol)

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