Catching Up

Nothing new or exciting.

Yesterday had my quarterly echocardiogram. Everything seemed okay. She was a very nice woman and let me watch and take pictures and usually if there is a problem they kind of shut down. On my last echo they mentioned that common heart thing that suddenly I can not remember the name of, damnit….all day yesterday I was forgetting words too, it will be interesting to see if that shows up again on this echo.

Monday is my pulmonologist appointment. FINALLYY get to find out             the results of the broncoscopy.  Right now my lungs hurt. I need to know if this is just seasonal and issues with scar tissue which means I should just push through or if this is something to be fixed. Even going up the one flight of stairs to feed my cat caused me problems. You should see how much fun I have trying to do cardio exercises. A part of me thinks maybe it is just all in my head because I have seen the masses on the CT scan, but I dunno. It will be good to get some answers.

Yesterday after the echo I went to lunch with Brad and Michelle. Brad and I worked together for a few years. It was fun, lots of laughing. The funniest part was the point when they both had their cell phones out and were both showing me pictures of their new dog.

Corey and I may go to the movies this weekend and see the new cloverfield movie.

A good Saturday to all!


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