Nothing to say – so I didn’t.

Wow! 21 days since I last wrote anything on here. No reason, nothing extreme going on, just busy. I am taking a new certification course and it eats my extra time. The third and final class starts today so two weeks from now I will be done. I have learned a lot. Summer has finally […]


Just a dream

Started out in my old neighborhood. Don’t remember much, something about the dog and driving. Talking to business owners, no one sold anything on Monday. They taking charge in a business, needed a typewriter. They only had a weird portable one in a bag. Transition to a building with a giant pool area. Rick Morrin […]

Post-it Notes from my Brain

It’s been a long time since I blogged just too get words out.  I have this little creative reservoir inside me. It is a tiny little container that allows my creativity to drip into it. As time goes on it starts filling up. When it gets too full it starts leaking out of the overflow […]


My friend posted on Facebook that she was sad because she had a cold. My brother commented on her post that he had a cold too. I asked them what gave them the right to talk about their colds when I had a cold and an ear infection and then I unfriended them.     […]