Chemo Kitty

This is a post about Frankie or as Dr Em accurately dubbed him, Chemo Kitty!

I am a cat person but have not had a cat for a long time because we had large dogs. Kittens and large dogs don’t always work together especially if you have more than one dog and they are food protective. We sadly had to put our Mili down a week and half ago and so this last weekend went to the Toledo Humane Society and got a kitten. I will probably be starting chemo next week and I will be home a good part of the next two months so the timing was good.


Frankie was the name given by the Humane Society and we made the mistake of using it, and then it stuck. So Frankie it is! Frankie is smart enough to know that when he is scared or unsure, he finds a human. This particular human is  my son. Frankie was well loved this weekend.

He does not seem to be particularly nervous or frightened and settled into our house very quickly.


Frankie is the size of my hand. He is two months old.


He is very fond of being held and snuggled. If he finds himself alone in a room he will start screaming. It’s not a pleasant sound.


He sleeps hard when he sleeps.

And the beagle was exhausted from watching to make sure he didn’t accidentally get more food than her.



There was much time spent reassuring the beagle that all food was safe. This involved treats every 30 minutes or so the first day which she now assumes is the new norm. It’s very loud in my house between the screaming cat & the howling beagle.

Frankie has his first appointment at the Vet on Saturday. Before that time his new carrier, kitty condo/tree and fancy litter box will arrive. He already has toys in every room and has discovered a love of hair clips, so I will no longer be able to find any I am quite sure.

He will be a big spoiled baby in our house. As it should be.



2 thoughts on “Chemo Kitty

  1. I would have to say that we are enjoying Frankie almost as much as you are. I watch for any Frankie updates and pictures. When Craig gets home, he asks about Frankie and how he is doing. Of course, he wants to see the pictures, too. It is amazing how therapeutic a kitty can be.

    I had to laugh about the screaming. I am sure it is horrible. Leia will do that. She will be outside and then decide she wants in and she will start howling like someone is torturing her. Of course, I run to the door and the minute I appear, she stops and looks at me like what is all the fuss about. And, oh my goodness, the sounds she makes if another cat appears in our yard, it is other worldly. Ha ha. The interloper will never set foot on our property again.

    It is nice to hear that he and your son are bonding. Erik and Leia are best buds and it is nice for both of them. I am sure that is how it will go for Frankie and your son.

    I will be thinking of you today. 🙂

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