Chemo therapy – Round 1 – Day 3 – (aka Whining day) complete!

Not the most fun I’ve ever had over a three day period but round 1 done. Feeling quite out of sorts today. Lethargic and heavy and blah. Oh, and for some reason quite burpy! Hitherto before unmentioned side effect. Day 1 left me quite nauseated and looking like a red raccoon from the meds and steroids, so they changed things up a bit on Day 2 and it was better.

Came home every day with the IV port still attached to my arm wrapped up in stretchy bandages – discovered the kitten chewing on it at one point – oops – very glad to have that removed today! My arm is quite sore. Also got a flu shot while they were doing the chemo so now I’m not even sure what hurts from what. Strange bruises showing up. Hair on my legs immediately has stopped growing. No problem there! My sister was at every chemo with me again. πŸ™‚


Frankie is going to assume his name if Frankie NO! He really likes the plants and the birds. Yes you were right Katy Masters!


Luckily for him cats sleep 15 to 20 hours a day so he spends the majority of his time laying on us and looking like this;


I have fun using the “selfie” feature on my phone to take close up shots of him. When he’s awake he seems to like to look at himself. Oh, and he really enjoys playing Candy Crush.



Tomorrow morning is Frankies first vet appointment and I’m hoping we can manage a trip to AnnArbor. That’s the whole weekend plan. I will be back to regular work hours on Monday even if that means from my couch, and then HOPEFULLY workout on Tuesday. Gotta keep the strength up and the blood pressure down!


4 thoughts on “Chemo therapy – Round 1 – Day 3 – (aka Whining day) complete!

  1. I noticed that Frankie has black pads. I’m sure other cats have that but I have never seen it.

    I have been waiting to hear how he and the birds are doing. What a lot of excitement for the birds!

    So how often are your chemo days? Every three weeks?

    1. Yes, I have two. Wednesdays to recover then back it. It looks like recovery time is about seven days, so hopefully I get one solid week of feeling good!

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