Chipping around, kick my brains around the floor

Uhg! So much pressure in my head! I feel so serious and heavy and I think it is all physical not psychological.

I ordered a new camera via Amazon Prime. Nothing too fancy, just a step up version of my Nikon CoolPics. This one is a refurbished model so half price. I am looking forward to playing with it, apparently even more than I realized. The shipping is already going to be a three day turn-around for some unknown reason and last night it had not shipped yet so I went to sleep expecting problems. I dreamt that I was pretending to take pictures with a cardboard version of the camera. So weird. I did get the shipping notice this morning so hopefully it will be here tomorrow without issue.

I have had a few weeks of things just not working out correctly. Nothing major, but it has left me expecting bumps in the road and reacting before anything actually goes wrong.

I need to clear my head, literally and shake off my clouds.


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