Cleaning off my phone


Found these pictures I took last month.



This Grasshopper was really large!







These were pictures of some weird red bee that my daughter saw and didn’t have her camera.



Frankie has turned into a terror! He has no fear and so flings himself at anything that looks interesting. A shelf, a person, a beagle. The other day he launched himself from my bathroom counter at my chest from about three feet away. I suddenly had a cat clinging to me with all 20 claws out as he slid down my shirt. Good thing he is also a cuddler who purrs and snuggles under your chin when he wants love.


UHG! Ending on a somber note. While looking up something else I ran across this:

Treatment of Metastatic Stage IVB Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer that has spread to distant organs and bones is difficult to treat. Historically, patients with metastatic cervical cancer have been considered incurable and rarely survive more than a year or two. Some patients are offered treatment with chemotherapy for the purpose of prolonging their duration of survival and alleviating symptoms from progressive cancer. Other patients are managed with efforts to reduce pain or bleeding, including local radiation therapy to affected parts of the body.

There is no good single chemotherapy approach that can improve the length of survival in patients with metastatic cervical cancer. Treatment with Platinol® can produce shrinkage in 15-25% of patients with metastatic cervical cancer. Many clinical trials have combined Platinol® with other chemotherapy drugs in hopes of improving cancer shrinkage and survival. Although these combination regimens can have more side effects, length of survival has not been improved over Platinol® alone. Unfortunately, these chemotherapies typically work for only a few months before the cervical cancer begins to grow again. Most patients still succumb to cancer and better treatment strategies are clearly needed.

Geesh – might as well just tell me to give up now! When I read stuff like that I always have to remind myself that my cancer (and me) is unique. I have Metastatic AdenoCarcinoma Cervical Cancer that is HPV negative.  There doesn’t even seem to be a standard course of treatment. So I will have to set the benchmark.




3 thoughts on “Cleaning off my phone

  1. This is odd – Warning: is unreachable. That was on your page under the area for FB posting. Are you unreachable???

    I think because we missed most of that first year with Leia, we didn’t see behavior like that. Plus, I think because she was outside so much, she did most of that climbing and jumping outside. I’m sure that was quite a surprise to have him jump on you like that.

    Yes, that is quite a shocking thing to read but in my mind, you are not the typical patient and you came to this with your body ready to fight. I know you will set a new standard.

    I will be thinking about you today.

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