Cleaning off my phone


It’s like a game. How many dogs can you find?


Barsky spent the whole weekend trying to assure me that he was in fact allowed to sit on the couch at his house.


He also kept trying to make me open up the toilet lid for him! I don’t know what was up with that!


Katy brought Barsky’s bed with her. Which Mili imediately layed claim to.


Crazy ass dog.


All weekend, everywhere I went! DOGS!


Stalking the driveway hoping at some point he would get to go home.


Great storm clouds last week.
WP_004276 WP_004274

That’s the green paint with a coat of PRIMER ALREADY ON IT!



Yeah…that’s right.


3 thoughts on “Cleaning off my phone

  1. Well, is the room finished? How did the tile go down? I’ve never done tile. Was it hard? What were the colors? Was it brown throughout the room?

    Didn’t Barsky have some issues? Like barking? I think he was lucky Katy came into his life. I think a lot of people couldn’t handle a dog like him.

    Mili looks funny on that little bed. I found all three dogs in the picture.

  2. The room is mainly done. I have a small strip by the door to cut some tile into. The tiles are just cheap sticky vinyl. They are a deep brown with a marbling of rust and other browns. Perfect match for the chocolate brown trim & curtains. I think considering where we started it came out pretty good. We need to replace a dresser and some shelves. Right now Sean is putting together a new desk.
    Barsky is a crazy ass hyper barking dog! He is only horrible the first day. By Saturday he had settled into the routine.
    We have an even smaller bed, maybe 18 inches around and I found Mili curled up in it once. Funniest looking thing. She does not like to share things, and everything in the house, or yard is hers.

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