Cracking myself up this morning

Sitting here at “WAY TOO EARLY” in the dark drinking a cup of coffee trying not to make any sound that will wake up the puppy. It’s his first morning without my husbands alarm clock so I would love to see how late he would sleep if left to his own devices.

Doing this means no glasses so I have turned it into a game. I can mostly read the screen because I can expand and magnify but no way I can read the keys. For typing that’s nothing because I grew up in the age of typewriters, but if you need to ALT something or hit a function key that takes some memory I didn’t know I had.

I keep hearing little sounds from the bedroom kennel but then it goes quiet. hmmm.

Aside from the craziness of adapting to the day five of the puppy everything is going on as normal. I had a massage Tuesday morning to push my shoulder back in place and discovered some nice news. My range of motion is almost completely back in my hips. My lovely LMT said it is very good, and better than a lot of people much younger than me. I think I will start adding some extra yoga moves into my day and see if I have regained that ability as well. It’s been like seven years since I had full range of motion in my hips. It was a nice confirmation for me that all of the time I put into keeping my physical health on par is actual making a difference. Now if only I could find a solution for my paper skin. That is really out of control. My arms are terrible looking and I couldn’t even count the number of bruises I have all over. Last night a dog claw brush my arm, just brushed it, and the skin ripped and is now I big bloody mess.

I am going to dinner tonight with my sister and my friend Sarah. Yay!

My husband is going to France in a couple of weeks, and just before he gets back I am going to Montana for my Womens Retreat. I really have no idea of what to expect. No idea if I will love it or hate it or somewhere in between. It is a little harder now because of the puppy. I will be worried about the overlap days when my husband and I are both gone and my son is taking care of all the animals. It is not so much the animals I am worried about, they will survive and be safe. I am worried about what my husband is going to come home to and then he’ll be upset.

It is strange to think it is almost autumn. I have come to just bask in the warm months when I can be outside at will. I really don’t like the cold. Every year around this time I remember Stephen King explaining to me when I was really quite young that time just keeps moving faster as you get older. Nothing you can do to stop it or slow it down, it is a relentless stalker.

uh-oh….Frank’s head just swung towards the bedroom…something is going on in there are tweaked his spidey sense.



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