Day by Day

As soon as I typed the title I started singing the song.

I am hanging out in my bed this morning waiting for my sinuses to melt. I have been taking Benadryl or NyQuil every night for a week or so to battle the nonstop sinus headaches but this one thinks it can break through. I will prevail. I think I have managed to escape the cold that everyone seems to be getting felled by.

i was invited to lunch today with the ladies of Cancer Connection, and that will be nice.  Hopefully tonight my husband and I will go to the zoo to see the lights, and that will be nice.

Tomorrow is biopsy day. I am not dreading it, but I am certainly not looking forward to it. Five hours in the hospital getting poked and prodded, one more opportunity for something to go wrong when they are poking inside my lung. I wish there were a way to repair the damage rather than just keep adding on to it. I am not even talking about the risk of more cancer, just the scar tissue and damage done to all the little air sacs. I have spent ten days getting ready to hear that the chemo is no longer working and the cancer, that should not be in that spot anyway, is growing again. We already have a plan in place but it means more fighting with insurance companies, more long days of IV drips to make sure there is no catastrophic reaction to the meds. The long day of radiation to zap it, and then probably more lung recovery time. I mean really, how much can one spot in one organ take before it stops recovering?

i have a new phone, I don’t think I told this story. If I did, sorry for the repeat. On the morning that I was scheduling all of the appointments my phone suddenly stopped working. No one could hear me. But then suddenly they would get a word, then nothing.  I live a couple of blocks from a Verizon store so I went over. The guy who I happened to get was wonderful. He actually fixed my problem in seconds and listened to me bitch. This phone has been a giant pain in the ass, already replaced once, and he looked at the other guy who nodded, and he told me that my particular phone was actually on an internal list of known bad phones, and since I paid for the extended warranty if my phone were unusable he could swap it for a Moto Z mods phone. I immediately agreed that he was unable to fix my phone and it is unusable! What a difference swapping phones, Now I have to resist the urge to buy the moto mods camera! So expensive! Great Verizon experience though.

Today I have to decide, do I eat all of the food since I will be fasting tomorrow, or do I eat light so I don’t risk being sick while drugged.

I guess it is time for step one. Get out of bed!


2 thoughts on “Day by Day

  1. Of course I had to sing it, too!!!

    Verizon is supposed to be the best; glad you had a good experience to make up for the hassle of a crappy phone!

    I will be thinking of you tomorrow and hope for the best day possible.

    Hope you are enjoying the lights; it’s actually warm(ish) here!

    1. We’ve had Verizon since 1996 and their service has always been outstanding. I know we pay more but it’s always just so easy.
      It was definitely a nice night! Got up to low sixties yesterday but we had a wind all day. So many people at the zoo!
      Thanks for the good thoughts. 😉

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