Death and Decay

There is half of a baby mole covered with bees in my backyard. πŸ™

My brain seems to be in some kind of weird work mode. Which is amazing since I do not have a job. I want to contact someone and say let me take this part over for you. I want to contact someone else and say let me help you with this part. I want to type papers and put things in order. Oh, and I am not crazy, those are actual people I want to contact. People I have been dealing with peripherally and that need a little help whether they know it or not.

X-ray came back normal. I kind of wish it hadn’t. Now I have a hurt finger that isn’t healing and no cause. Ugh. I originally thought it was bursitis. It just feels the same as my hips but on a much smaller scale. I will try immobilizing the knuckle for a few days and see if it helps. Stupid.

Speaking of hips, I gave up and started running again. It is more important to me to do the cardio and keep the scar tissue in my lungs from tightening up than to baby my hips. Especially if it isn’t going to damage my hips. The few times I worked out in the last month were just terrible trying to catch my breath.

I need to make stew to restock my freezer. It is the one thing I make that everyone eats.

I started working with a trainer to resolve an issue I am still having with Dusty. She is still charging when she is on the leash and she wants to get to something, a dog, a person, a bird, a fly. And I need her to not do that anymore. We decided to add clicker training. This morning I accidentally clicker trained the cat. I am positive Frank is smarter than the puppy.

Frank threw his toy off the loft this morning and scared the bejeesus out of the dog and I. I think he was laughing.




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