Do you get what you deserve?

I hae been filled with such overwhelming gratitude lately.

I know it may sound trite but I really do try to stop and look around at all of the joys of my life every once in awhile. For instance, right this second I am stretched out in my very comfortable (but in need of an update) bed with a cat on my feet and GMA on the tv, cup of coffee next to me (in a mug that my adorable nice bought for me) typing on a bluetooth keyboard that my daughter loaned me. Amazing. No pressures, no problems.

I love the BT keyboard and have ordered an inexpensive one of my own for my kindle. So much easier to type on, and I love to type!

I had lunch this week with an old boss turned friend and his partner. It was a lot of fun, and he even opened my honey packet for me. Damn fingers. It made me miss working. Not miss haing a job, but the part of the work I love. I love software. I should be a professional software tester. If there was such a thing. Of course I could only do it on my good days, and most companies wouldn’t like that. Oh yeah, thats how I ended up not working!

I have also crossed over some sort of fitness line. In the last ten days or so the weight is just dropping off of me and I am getting crazy awesome muscle definition. Let’s hope my last three years pattern doesn’t follow through and I now I have to have some sort of surgical procedure that will sideline me!!

I have to go to the grocery store today, I am out of Tracy dinner food. I was reduced to yogurt and pretzels with cheese for dinner last night, and it was the last of that too! I also have my pulmonologist appointment today! I am very excited. I hope he can help my lungs.

I am so spoiled. I have everything I want, everything I need, and I get to do things at my whim. How did I get so lucky?



Looking forward to deck time in a few months!!


2 thoughts on “Do you get what you deserve?

  1. Thanks for sharing your thankfulness. I’m sitting on the 5th floor balcony listening and watching the sun make its way up and feeling very thankful. Love to you my dear friend!

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