Do You See What I see…..

Nothing makes you want to write a blog post more than having previously decided that today was all about class work. I am the queen of procrastination. I really am. I just figured that out about myself and make a concerted effort to do everything right now, right away and do it quick so it’s done. I hate long term projects and those are the ones I am most likely to fall behind on.

I had lunch yesterday with the lovely women of So Now. The networking group that gave me the award last month. They were all so gracious and kind to me. We had a speaker on communication styles. It was very interesting.She split us all up into four groups. I was in group S and these are my traits and behaviors.

What startled me was as she read the list of traits she picked one to point to me to emphasize that I showed this trait.

Someone else at the luncheon mentioned a personality trait that they said I had in a different context and that really got me thinking. It’s funny what other people see in us that we don’t consider a strong trait.

Also – the beagle just dug a GIANT hole in the flower bed. 

Also – I must iron some shirts and brush my hair. It’s possible I may have to do schoolwork tomorrow.

And now the beagle just ate a giant hole in a blanket. I think I need to go now. 🙂


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