Don’t cry for me Argentina

totally lying. Cry for me!

someone in my extended circle lost someone recently and I wanted to say something but since I am physically unable to not make everything about me, I didn’t. So I will say it here.

Many years ago someone died and I grieved, and I watched all these other people also grieve. So many people. I was so touched by how many people came out of the woodwork and had lovely stories about him.

i realized that if I died, while there would certainly be sad people, there would not be a wave of people who knew me just enough to be sad that I was gone, and to have memories of me.  It made me sad. I had made so little impact on my world. At the time it added another straw to my internal camel 🐫 of seclusion. It was another step pushing me towards making some changes in my life.

While I am certainly no social butterfly,I Ido believe that at this point in my life this is no longer the case. I think there would be people who heard the news and would be sad, and would be able to share stories of me. So I want those tears.

Being sad, crying, telling stories, all prove that someone’s life touched people. We don’t have to all be Mother Theresa or famous novelists, sometimes it’s enough to just be there. To share pieces of ourselves and our time.



5 thoughts on “Don’t cry for me Argentina

  1. I think you have certainly changed your life since we met on Xanga. People love you so much. I am not sure you realize how much you are loved. I think there would be a lot of heartbroken people.

  2. I can’t speak for anyone else, but you’ve made a huge impact in my life. I regularly find myself telling stories about things you taught me or ways that I improved because of you. I lack the words to tell you how much of an inspiration you are to me.

    Michelle and I have both cried during various tense moments with your cancer already so… I don’t think there’s any doubt we’d be there crying and sharing stories and being broken with a lot of other people.

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