Don’t read this or you will want to take a shower at my house!

I woke up thinking – soon…I will be fixed soon! My pulmonologist is referring me to an infectious disease specialist and I just want to call the ID Doc at 8:04 and tell them to call me in a prescription. I want to get this started.

I have spent MONTHS watching my breathing getting more and more difficult. If I am just sitting I have super great oxygenation – 98% but as I start moving it gets much harder to breathe, quickly. And last week I started coughing again. After not being able to see anything wrong and having everyone say my lung function is good – because they do not test you walking up stairs – for so long I was really starting to think it was just me. Or it was just the way lungs work when you have had tumors and treatment for so long. I am pretty sure treatment for this is going to be horrible, but at least there is treatment.

Last night after working out – mostly I am just working on muscles and keeping my lung function at this point – I received a gift.

All of my workout wear has something written on that I chose because of the statement or the charity I purchased it from., The Jimmy V foundation, F*ckCaner. But what do you say when someone gives you this and says “I thought of you when I saw it”?  Well, you say thank you, and then later, in your head you say Thank you for helping me be a size small again!
Man, I wish I had found this group of people years ago. Even if my lungs get so bad I can not work out, I want to go and just absorb the energy.

And I forgot to sho you my shower curtain I think!


I finally got some paisley in my life!!


I may be one of the luckiest people I know. I feel almost guilty for how lucky I am and how much I have.





2 thoughts on “Don’t read this or you will want to take a shower at my house!

  1. I am so relieved that you finally have an answer.

    I am really surprised that they didn’t test your lung function while you were on a treadmill. That seems like something they would do. Test your lungs while they are working.

    What a wonderful gift. It is true, you inspire a lot of people.

    I love your shower curtain! I love paisley! My first bedspread that Craig and I had was paisley. Enjoy!

    1. I ha e had a three or four different types of lung function tests over my life and they are all done sitting down. It is odd to me too.
      This was the last shower curtain in this pattern and I found as i was walkway in sadness. It was on the wrong shelf. I am always attracted to paisley but owned none.

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